Discover Microdosing Magic with MMELT’s Irresistible Chocolate Varieties

magic mushroom cookies and cream

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Over the past few years, a captivating fusion of psychedelic exploration and culinary creativity has given rise to a truly intriguing trend: flavored magic mushroom chocolates. Magic mushrooms, known for containing psilocybin, have a rich history of spiritual and therapeutic use across various cultures. However, a modern twist has emerged, offering enthusiasts a more palatable and enjoyable method of consumption.

Within the world of psychedelic encounters, MMELT emerges as a brand that merges the magic of mushrooms with the irresistible charm of gourmet chocolate. Engaging in Microdosing with Mushrooms Milk & Cookies chocolate or other enticing flavors like candy or strawberry offers a diverse and tempting selection of tastes. With each variant boasting a generous 6g of magic mushrooms, MMELT ensures a flavorful journey through its premium delights that cater to diverse palates.

List of Flavors Available at MMELT

Strawberry Shortcake 6G
Enjoy pure bliss with Strawberry Shortcake 6G, as the delightful blend of luscious strawberry notes and earthy magic mushrooms creates magical flavors for a delightful taste journey.

Milk & Cookies 6G
Take a nostalgic trip with Milk & Cookies 6G, blending the familiar comfort of milk and cookies with magic mushrooms for an indulgent experience. It’s a soulful, warm hug wrapped in premium chocolate richness.

Milk Chocolate 6G
Discover sophistication in simplicity with this flavor, a classic for purists offering velvety smoothness complementing magic mushrooms. It’s a timeless indulgence, satisfying cravings and opening doors to a mystical journey within.

Milk Chocolate & Candy 6G
Indulge your sweet tooth with Milk Chocolate & Candy 6G, a vibrant blend where magic mushrooms seamlessly intertwine with candy notes, creating a playful explosion of taste for an exciting psychedelic experience.

Cookies N’ Cream 6G
Choose this flavor for the blend of magic mushrooms with cookie crumbs for a delightful contrast in textures and flavors, creating a sensory journey of discovery. It’s a treat that seamlessly combines the familiar with the extraordinary.

Birthday Cake 6G
Celebrate life’s moments with Birthday Cake 6G, where magic mushrooms elevate cake sweetness to new heights, offering a party in your mouth and an invitation to savor the essence of celebration in every delectable piece.

Indulging in the world of Microdosing with chocolates goes beyond the act of consumption; it is an exploration of the senses, a fusion of gourmet chocolate and the mystical allure of magic mushrooms. MMELT sets itself apart not just with its captivating flavors but also through a strong commitment to quality and transparency in delivering a holistic psychedelic experience. We use premium ingredients in crafting the chocolates guaranteeing a gourmet delight in every bite. The emphasis on lab-tested magic mushrooms, with each chocolate variant containing precisely 6g, ensures a consistently reliable dose for a safe and enjoyable journey.

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